Who I Am

I think that it is very important to remind yourself of who you are in whatever situation you find yourself in.

I'm going to tell you a little story. When I was fourteen years old, I became epileptic. It was a very hard period in my life. I remember at first, when I was diagnose, the doctors always repeated the same thing; that they do not know if one day I will be freed from this. Today I am a nineteen year old girl who is hasn't had seizures for nearly 4 years.

People say that I form part of those who have had luck, but for me I believe that it was all God's work. I believe it because the only thing that kept me going during this dark eriod of my life was the fact that I knew that I was his child and I was never alone. I always knew that even though I could not feel His presence, that he was here.

I knew that He had plans for me. Plans of prosper and not to harm me. I knew that He loves me unconditionally and that I am safe with him. And to remember these I read text from the Bible and daily encouragements given by pastors on my mail.

All of this helped me to keep having faith. And it takes faith to continue to go forward in hard situations. It takes faith to stay and not give up..So always remind yourself that even though you are broken and lost, that you are worthy, unique, beautiful, loved, wonderful and most importantly you are never aloneYou have a Father who is looking after you and who knows you like no one else.

With love,