Who I Am

I think that it is very important to remind yourself of who you are in whatever situation you find yourself in. I'm going to tell you a little story. When I was fourteen years old, I became epileptic. It was a very hard period in my life. I remember at first, when I was diagnose, the doctors always repeated the same thing; that they do not know if one day I will be freed from this. Today I am a nineteen year old girl who is hasn't had seizures for nearly 4 years. People say that I form part of those who have had luck, but for me I believe that it was all God's work. I believe it because the only thing that kept me going during this dark eriod of my life was the fact that I knew that I was his child and I was never alone. I always knew that even though I could not feel His presence, that he was here. I knew that He had plans for me. Plans of prosper and not to harm me. I knew that He loves me unconditionally and that I am safe with him. And to remember these I read tex